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Who we are

We are a team of individuals who has obtained meaningful experience in econometrics, financial modelling, external and internal audit services, risk consulting, financial statements preparation, and equity analysis. We believe that our edge in research is the diversity of our experience and deep understanding in industries that we are covering.

We wish to add value to your investment process by providing quality and timely research to assist you in your decision making process.

How to use this site

This site contains profile of companies, analysis and company valuations, our thoughts on personal finance, and all other stuff that we can think about that we believe is beneficial for you.

In the right side of our Blog, you can see a section called “Ideas”. This section contains “Stock Profile”, “Stock Investing”, “Personal Finance”, and “Random Thoughts”.

Stock Profile category contains quality profiling of the companies that you are interested so that you don’t need so go through a lot of documents to fully understand a company.

Stock Investing category contains analysis and company valuations which could assist you in your investment decision making process.

Personal Finance category contains our thoughts and principles in personal finance that we believe can help you achieve your financial goals.

Random Thoughts are articles we wrote that we think are good reads for you.

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