• SCC’s price closed at P32.90 on March 15, 2018
  • SCC’s is valued at P49.35 ~ P74.02 per share for a potential gain of 50 ~ 125% from the current price.
  • Catalyst: Dividend declaration which is on the last week of April

Computation of SCC’s worth:

Based on the released 4th quarter report of SCC, total revenue is P 43,944 million and the net income is P 14,146 million.1 To get the complete details on SCC’s source of revenue and company profile, kindly see Company Profile: SCC.

The dividend discount model was used to compute for SCC’s worth. SCC’s policy on dividend payout is 20% of prior year net income2 though, 2016 dividend payout is at 50% of prior year net income and at 88% in 2017 due to the regular and special cash dividends declared. 3,4 In 2018, SCC already declared P1.25 per share. 5

Using Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), discount rate is at 8% and assuming a dividend growth of 5%, the Company’s stock can be valued as follows under 20% and 30% dividend payout:

In the short term, assuming SCC will continue to pay dividend at P4 – P5 range we can expect an additional cash dividend of P2.75 which at the current price of SCC at P32.90 will yield 8%.

Disclosure: This is not a recommendation to BUY or SELL but treat our blog as a tool to aid you in your investment decision making.

Position: I do not own any shares mentioned above.


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