This page will serve as a guide for you on how to allocate your cash based on your personality whether you are conservative or aggressive. We define companies that are conservative as selected companies that are part of the PSEi, which are the 30 stocks used to represent the performance of the Philippine stock market.

The investment strategy will be as follows:

  • Select stocks that are “undervalued”. Undervalued means stocks that are currently priced lower than the applicable valuation metric for a company (we will explain this further in our posts).
  • Businesses that we understand, quality management, and favorable business developments.
  • Prioritize in determining the extent of the downside risks in all our stock selection by asking ourselves, “if we are wrong, how much money can we lose?”
  • No company will be more than 12.5% of your total portfolio.

Below are the authors and their respective personalities that you can relate to:

Silver – Moderately aggressive (holding not more than 25% of the portfolio to aggressive stocks)

df9 – Conservative leaning to aggressive (holding not more than 50% of the portfolio to aggressive stocks)

Factotum – Aggressive (holding not more than 75% of the portfolio to aggressive stocks)

Kite – Conservative (holds only stocks that are part of the index)

In order for the numbers to be auditable, we are buying through Investagram‘s virtual portfolio account.

Below are the companies that we selected since March 12, 2018 and the performance of each of our portfolio against our benchmark, the PSEi which closed at 8,453.50 on March 12, 2018.

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